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1/24th scale.
Any 1/24th car is permitted for use in this class.

The maximum overall width of the front or rear axle/tyre must not exceed 82mm. Front and rear axles, wheels and tyres must not stick out from the body when viewed from above. 
Bodies must remain standard as off the shelf. ie no arch extensions, no lowering of bodies, no trimming of wheel arches.

Hard bodies only, and bodies may be repainted but the use of unpainted bodies is not allowed and must be painted so that there are no unpainted areas. The use of clear coat lacquer over plastic is not allowed. 

The body must include a full standard unmodified interior with driver figure and screen. 
Windscreens must remain standard and remain clear so that the interior can be viewed.

Motors – any make of motor up to 22,500 rpm.

Motor Mount – any motor mount allowed.

Gears / Pinion – any make any size.

Wheels – must be 1/24th scale and proportion to body of the car.

Tyres - The use of sponge and rubber tyres is allowed .

Guides /Braids – any allowed.

Chassis – any allowed.

Drop Arms – allowed.

Axles – free choice.

Suspension – allowed.

Carbon Fibre parts – there must be no sharp parts

 All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice.

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General rules, and if not a permitted modification, it is not allowed.

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