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NSSRC General Rules

Cars.Cars must start each heat with the rear spoiler firmly attached.
Chassis - plastic and 3d only (except 1/24 scale). Must match the body, with no modification. Car Classes - if a car is not to suit to any car class rules, you will be asked for you to provide suitable information prior for the car to be included in any class.                                                                            

Motors - Can not be altered / tampered with.                                                                                                                                   

Must have interior including driver.
Must run front tyres and can be glazed.
Weight may be added to the inside of the car and must be secure
Screws maybe loose and maybe covered with tape or blu tac to prevent loss, if you do continue to lose a screw/screws from the same car in multiple races tape/blu tac will be compulsory for the rest of that evening.
If a wheel or Body is lost during a race it must be replaced within one lap, if you choose to continue for another lap you will lose the points for that race.
If you borrow a car, 1st you must make it clear to scrutineering, 2nd you will be able to run but you will receive no points for that race.
Tyres must be rubber on all cars raced, no ortmans, urethane, silicone. Sponge only to be used if mentioned in Car Class Rules.
Body Rock: This can be achieved by the heating of the shell so it can be expanded to fit a tight chassis, or light shaving or filing of the chassis (not shell). The modification must not be as extreme that a full 1 mm maximum gap is around the edge of the chassis. Body rock is what the rule is for not lightening of the car. Spacers and Washers allowed for use on Wheel Axels. All cars must be painted. No clear lacquer to be used on bare plastic bodies.


 New Models

Any new model released during the  season, will only be allowed to run in the series, when the *Club Scrutineer and 2 round holding Club representatives* have checked the model conforms to the same specification as the current models.  It must be available, from leading UK slot retail outlets, at least 28 days prior to the next round of the series. The final decision from the 3 above parties using a majority decision of at least two to one to be allowed to race any new model.  (note – if this  is not agreed by  the above parties, the New Model will not be able to accrue points when racing ).

If in doubt , ask before you purchase.

Race Format on club racing nights

All classes are to be run on distance over 2min 30sec with laps and computer calculated footages counting, to your total distance over 6 races. Total distance determines the winner. In the event of a tie, the furthest distance in any of the 6 races will determine the winner.

In the event of a low turnout of members it will be decided by members present as to what race format either as normal, or agreed heat times, race 4 lanes, crash and burn etc.

Race Rules

Drivers must not leave the podium until the last car has crossed the finish line, unless of a car breakdown to repair your car.
After 3 minutes of the previous race ending the next race will start, unless otherwise agreed.
After racing you must marshal the colour coordinated point, if you are unable to marshal you must arrange for someone else to marshal your spot. If enough to fully marshal the track, there will be 2:30 minutes via the race computer to start next Heat.
Cars must be put back on track where they came off.
No deliberate crashing.
If you do not start the race you will receive no distance for that race.
Should a car breakdown during a race it cannot be replaced with another car, but if repaired can allowed to re-join the race.
Should a track fault be called, the race is to be finished and the fault to be confirmed by the club Scrutineer and two other members before a restart.
If more than half the starting number of cars are off on the first bend a restart will be called. (track call) If your car is not involved in the race incident then you are not allowed to clean your tyres or work on your car. 
If a car deslots on the straight, first the driver must make the other racers and race Control aware they are off, the power will be cut and the car will be put back on by a marshal. If there is a crash as a result of a deslot on the straight, the marshals are to quickly assess the cars, if they are damaged the car can be handed to the driver, when the race is restarted for repair.
If you are repeatedly de-sloting in straight lines or corners  - no fault of the track  you will be asked to remove your car until the problem is resolved. This decision is to be made by the Scrutineer.
Restarts will only be called for confirmed track faults or more than half the number of starting cars off on the first bend. In particular, slow marshalling, car faults and other racing incidents will not cause a restart.

 Drivers and marshals should endeavour to be courteous at all times. Any discourteous behaviour in the heat of the moment should result in an apology shortly afterwards. Repeated (more than once) discourteous behaviour will be penalised by points (10 points) or distance (10 laps) off your final total. Discourteous behaviour includes shouting at marshals, persistent bad language, causing another car to de-slot deliberately, running a car that de-slots repeatedly and/or risks damaging other cars and calling for restarts when not warranted.
The use of tape, oil 3in1 type (including NSR4605) and zippo and lighter fluid and power booster (NSR 4604)  on the tyres is accepted at the track, the use of any liquid is banned, and this includes wintergreen, Mb slot treatment basically anything that smells must not be added to your tyres on the night. The practice of using Lighter Fluid on the clue side of the cleaning tape, is strictly prohibited. If caught using this practice then all your points for the nights racing will be deducted.  If in doubt ask.
Lapped cars should not impede cars on the lead lap and should not race for position. Repeated (more than once) refusal to allow cars on the lead lap to pass will be penalised points (10 points) or distance (10 laps) off your final total.

Race means the whole nights racing.

Heat means individual single racing heat.

NOTE – if you are racing in National Event or at any other Club. You would be expected to conform to their rules. Also any other visiting Club Members must conform to the NSSRC Club Rules.


This will take place at the start of the night when paying, your car must not race until it has been scrutinised.
A basic width check of the rear and front axles inc tyres, and the car will be looked over to check it conforms to the rules.
If you fail to pass (I.e. does not conform to the class rules, no wing, incorrect width /  motor  etc) you will be asked to alter the car to conform to the class rules. Or if you choose, you can run the car but no points will be allocated to you. If you are borrowing a car then the borrowed car rule applies (no points) This only applies for adults.
If you change your car it must be presented for re-scrutineering. (but not during a heat)
Random scrutineering will take place throughout the night.

Scrutineer’s decision is final.

If in doubt please ask.


 NSSCR Children rules

As a club we want young children to race therefor they can race what ever car they want to run in any class points will be awarded as normal.

However if any child runs a car correct to the class its entered for and other children race a car not correct to class the correct car will be awarded the points above the  incorrect cars irrespective to where the car correct car/racer finishes.

All Children’s cars still must adhere to main club rules.


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