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Formula 1

Eligible cars; any Formula 1, F2, F3 Indy car but must be open wheel type car from any era from any manufacturer.

Wheels; from any manufacturer but must be Formula 1 and era of the model you are racing, wheel inserts must be present.

Tyres ; Rears;  must be Formula 1 type from any manufacturer, tyre treatments see main rules

             Fronts; can be any manufacturer however no skinny low profile tyres allowed and must       be sympathetic to the cars era, tyres can be glazed.

Motors – Inline up to 25,000 rpm / any make.

Motor mount – Inline motor mount only.

Chassis; chassis must match body.

Body; body must be match chassis.

Gears; any gear/pinion combination from any manufacturer.

Guide – free choice allowed.

Suspension – not allowed.

Free choice -  screws, braid, motor cable, axles.

Race format; for Formula 1 only

Races will be run using crash and burn rules on all lanes,

There will be “no” deliberate taking out of other racers or crashing to take out other racers,

There will be “no” deliberate crashing into cars that have crashed out however accidents happen, it could be that you could not stop in time or car not marshaled in time 

Where you crash out your car will be removed to a safe part of the track and footage taken to add to your overall lap count either by marshal telling race control footage or the computer working it out

Points will be awarded as to most distance covered

Scrutineering will take place at the beginning of heat’s, all wings must be in place at the start of each heat

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General Rules, and if not a permitted modification, it is not allowed.

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