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Slot IT Group C

Eligible models:
Porsche 956C/KH, Porsche 962C/KH/LH/IMSA, Jaguar XJR6/9/12, Sauber C9, Mazda 787b, Lancia LC284/85, Nissan R89c.

Overall rear track can be extended to 63mm max.
Nissan R89c and Jaguar XJ rear wheel-arch covers can be omitted.

New Models Refer to NSSRC General Rules.
Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

The following points are mandatory:

Motor -  Inline only. Eligible motors for this series are the box stock MY06 V12/3 or MX16 V12/4 & S-Can 23,000rpm. As fitted in all current/new and older Group C models. Colour of Motor Bell End - orange through buff orange/brown etc and latest white end bell.

Motor Mount – must be inline only. Cars must run the current box stock 0.5mm offset motor mount CH 70 & CH110 as per slot it web site, fits (short can type mx 16).

Gears / Pinion – as box standard, 9 pin only.

Any inline Bronze non offset crown wheel may be used.

Guide / Braids - Guide can be replaced (as per slot it website) standard guide CH66 &  ch85 is the equivalent screw in guide.. Guide can be trimmed. Braids are free choice. 

Chassis - as box standard, ( only)

Wheels -  standard alloy 15:8mm & 16.5 x 8mm wheels (PA43als),as box standard, ( only).  new wheels code SIW16508215A (exPA43als) according pendles and slot it web site. include that both 16.5 PA43als and SIW16508215A (exPA43als) and 15.8mm ( SIW15808225A older cars )  wheels can be used on any motor mount  Air Rims not allowed. When viewed from above wheel / tyre must not protrude. Wheel inserts must be present at all times.

Tyres – rear,   new Grey PCS f22 Rt03 & Rt04, F22 and F22 (1207)  must not be glued/stuck to the wheels.  Front tyres are free choice, and can be glued and trued. (Refer to NSSRC General  Rules).

Axle’s - Axle stopper/s may be used on rear axle to control gear mesh. Standard front axle blocks can be replaced with grub screws in the provided holes only. Axle’s also can be adjusted via clued nylon washers.

Suspension - suspension (CH47b only) may be used on rear of motor pod.

All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice
Bodyshells must be painted/finished. No naked plastic or clear coated naked plastic.
Bodyshells must be complete apart from small breakable items such as mirrors, wipers etc.
All bodyshells must weigh 18g minimum.
If weight of body needs to be increased to meet the 18gram minimum, then weight must be added to the inside of the body only. This is best achieved using mouldable Tungsten putty / Blue Tack.

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General Rules, and if not permitted modification is not allowed.


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