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The National GT3 Championship 2023, and GT3 North Staffs Scalextric Racing Club.

this an National inter-club championship that we at North Staffs have adopted as a club class using NSR Racer Sideways Slot it Scaleauto GT3 cars 

NSR, Scaleauto Racer Sideways and Slot it cars will run as “1” class at North Staffs Scalextric Racing Club and not in separate classes as per the National rules

“but” cars racing at club level must adhere to the national rules set below


Eligible Manufactures:

NSR, Scaleauto, Racer Sideways, Slot it

Eligible models

NSR: Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (ASV V8); Audi R8 AMS (2006); BMW Z4 GT3 ;

         Corvette C6r & C7r GT3; McLaren 720S GT3; Mercedes AMG GT3; Porsche 997 GT3

Racer Sideways; Aston Martin Vantage V8; Bentley Continental GT3; BMW M6 GT3

                              Lamborghini Hurrican GT3; McLaren 720S GT3

Scaleauto: Accura NSX GT3 (Honda); Audi R8 ALMS(2015); BMW Z4 GT3; Callaway GT3;

                   Corvette C7r GT3; Dodge Viper; Mere=cedes AMG GT3; Mercedes SLS GT3;

                   Porsche 991 & 991 Evo                                                       

Slot it: Maserati Granturismo GT3, Nissan GT-R GT3

Body Shells:  Must remain as supplied by the manufacturer including the interior detail.
White kits must be fully painted including the interior details.
The rear wing must be fitted at the start of each race. Small details-door mirrors, windscreen wipers, roof ariel’s etc. may be omitted.
Body Weight: All bodies (with screws) must be a min of 19g, with any ballast required to make the min weight added to the base of the cockpit
Chassis: Any of the original manufacturers chassis for the eligible model are allowed
Motor Pods: Any pod of the original manufacturer that fits the chassis, without modification are allowed; only standard axle bearings can be used “no” ball racing axle bearings
Motors: The following motors are allowed to be used in any car as long as it fits the pod as originally intended ie no mabuchi short can motor in a long can anglewinder pod:
Slot It:                                                     NSR:
SIMX16 - 23k short can                           NSR 3041 21.9k Shark short can
SIMN08ch 21.5k long can                        NSR 3023 21.4k King long can

Sideways:                                               Scaleauto:
SWM-BBRAPTOR 17k long can              SC 0008b 20k Tech 1 short can
SWM-RAPTOR 21.4k long can                SC 0011b 20k Tech 1 long can

                                                                SC 0025b 21.5k Sprinter-2 long can
Gears: Any pinion and contrate/spur gear combination are allowed
Wheels: Control hubs:
Rear; NSR – 500417x10 air hubs;            Front; NSR-5001 16x8

         SWW-GTA 17.3x10 air hubs;                      Slot it PA43als/W16508215a 16.5x8

         PSC-32171510 17x10 air hubs                   PCS-3216148 16x8

 Guide: Any guide
Rear Tyres: Must be NSR black rubber.
                         The NSR logo should be visible on both tyres. If logo has become worn or indistinct the scrutineer will adjudicate.
                         Max width = 12mm, Min diameter = 19mm

Tyres may be glued and trued. Rear tyres may be conditioned (e.g. with 3in1 oil) but must be dry before being placed on the track surface
Front Tyres: Free, must be black, and may be glazed (e.g. clear nail varnish)
                         Min width = 8mm, Min diameter = 17mm

Wheel Inserts: May be fitted
General: Overall width across rear wheels and tyres must be ≤ 64mm.
Wheels must not be visible from above when either axle is moved to its extreme left or right positions.

All other components eg Axles, Braids; Wires; Screws; Spacers; Stoppers; Glues and Lubricants are free choice.

The use of any method of injecting substances into the tyres is strictly prohibited.
If it is not listed above it is not allowed.

Event or Club scrutineer's decisions are final.

New Models/Parts Eligibility
Any new models or upgraded components introduced during the year can only be used after being approved by the series' Technical Committee.

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