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Open Class - any make / models of ENDURANCE & GT cars
Any car that has raced from any era.
Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm. When viewed from above front & rear wheel/tyre must not protrude.
Motor – any format / any RPM used as long as they were widely available and have not be tampered with.
Motor Mount - any allowed.
Gears / Pinion –any allowed.
Guide’s / Braids - any allowed.
Chassis – any allowed. (Including 3D Chassis) must match to car body.
Drop Arm – allowed.                                       
Wheels – any size & make.  Wheel inserts with or without.
Tyres –any rubber type allowed. (Refer to NSSRC General Rules).
Axle’s – free choice & any End Stops & Axle Spacers allowed.
Suspension – Allowed.
All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice
Must Run Interior and driver (can be light weight)
Steps can be taken to allow body rock (Refer to NSSRC General Rules).
Wheel arch extensions are not allowed
HRS chassis can be run under a ENDURANCE & Open GT type.
New ModelsRefer to NSSRC General Rules.

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General Rules, and if not permitted modification is not allowed.

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