Any 1:32 scale SCX  - DTM car 
Box Standard as manufacturer built. All parts retained, although truing cleaning and refitting is allowed.
Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:
Body screws may be adjusted so as to give body rock. 
All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice.

Overall rear track can be extended to 65mm max. When viewed from above wheels/tyre must not protrude.

The following points are mandatory:

Motor – SCX only  RK42, RX41-42b  18,000rpm only to be used in currant models. (must be stated on the label / motor), Motors can be swapped with RK42 / RX41-42B only.

Motor Mount –standard as built.

Gears / Pinion – standard as built.

Guides / Braids  – SCX guide only, any Briads allowed. 

Chassis – SCX standard as built only. But must match the body to be the same make.

Drop Arm – not allowed.

Wheels – standard as built.

Tyres – standard as built rubber compound tyres. Rear tyers can be replaced with Mitoos Tyres Shore  25s only.  Rear tyres must not be glued/stuck to the wheels. Front Tyres – any tyres can be glazed and clued.

Axle’s – as standard as built only.

Suspension – not allowed. 

Lights – if fitted as standard to car must be working when racing.

All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice

New Models  - Refer to NSSRC General Rules.

Replacements of any of the above. To keep Box Standard as manufactured. Any of the above that needs to be replaced must be first agreed with the club

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General Rules, and if not permitted modification is not allowed.

Scruteener prior / before allowed to race. If replacement not agreed then the car / driver cannot obtain points for this class, but can take part in the race. Scutineer’s decision is final.