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Super Mini

Super mini type of car

NSR Renault Clio                                                                With 3d printed chassis’s                                                   Inline

NSR Fiat Punto                                                               Scalextric Honda Civic                                                 Src Peugeot 205

NSR Fiat 500                                                                  Scx Audi A1                                                                  Spirit Peugeot 205

Scaleauto Peugeot 208                                                  Scx Hyundai i20

Avantslot Peugeot 207                                                    Scalextric and Scx Ford Fiesta

Scaleauto MG Metro 6r4                                                 Scalextric Mini Countryman

Ninco Citroen C4                                                             Scx and Carrera Citroen DS3

New Models

Refer to NSSRC General Rules.

Any car / manufacturer  that is a 4wd can have all 4 wheels attached to the drive train but this is  optional.
Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm.

When viewed from above wheel/tyre must not protrude.
Must have an interior (light weight can be used. NSR Clio exempt read Clio / Punto rule)

NSR Clio and Punto must run with original driver platform and must contain 1 full driver, all components must be present (if in doubt ask)

Motor -  any  motor rated up to 21,500 rpm @ 12v only (must be stated on the label/ motor)  Any motor can be used as long as they were widely available and have not be tampered with.

Motor Mount –standard only.

Gears / Pinion – any make size.

Wheels – any size & make.  Wheel inserts with or without.

Tyres – Any rubber compound tyre allowed. (Refer to NSSRC General Rules).

Guides / Braids  – any allowed.

Chassis – any allowed, but must match the body & chassis to be the same make.

Drop Arm - To be kept as originally supplied with model. Drop arm maybe adjusted or fixed using the screw fixing supplied, or with no Screw.

Axle’s – free choice & any End Stops & Axle Spacers allowed.

Suspension – Allowed.

All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice.

If it is not listed above, refer to NSSRC General Rules, and if not a permitted modification, it is not allowed.


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